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Sagittarius "Aithiopis" T-Shirt

Image of Sagittarius "Aithiopis" T-Shirt


Until November 15th, we are accepting pre-orders for a new limited Sagittarius T-Shirt released on the occasion of the new release "Aithiopis" - only the exact amount of ordered shirts (max. 50) will be produced (please mention the requested size during the order process, or write a separate eMaill to orders[at]sagittarius[dot]de. Available sizes: Mens S - XXL and Ladies S - XL. Front artwork and quote are taken from "Tetrasticha in Ovidii Metamor. Lib. XV" by Johannes Posthius of Germersheim, with illustrations by Virgil Solis, a fully illustrated poetical re-telling of Ovid's "Metamorphoses" in Latin and German, published in 1563. This picture shows a scene from the 13th book, Jupiter's transformation of Memnon's body and funeral pyre into birds, as requested by his mother Aurora, grieved by the death of her son. The shirts will be delivered in early December.